'Growing through' our hydropower is not like going off a cliff

By Kevin Nordt, general manager, Grant PUDIt's no secret that we expect to begin outgrowing our ultimate share of power from Priest Rapids and Wanapum dams in the early 2020s. That's based on our current pattern of above-average load growth of about 30-35 megawatts/year. The "ultimate share" refers not only to our physical portion of power, which w...

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Commission recap, Oct. 23, 2018

Commissioners support more funding for faster fiber build-out Commissioners voiced strong consensus Tuesday for more money in the 2019 budget for fiber-optic network build-out and shortening from 10 to five years the proposed time to finish extending the network to all Grant County residents. (3:17 on the recording. See budget presentation here) Th...

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Grant PUD to "fill the bucket" with a community food drive

Donated food and funding will benefit local food banks throughout Grant County Grant PUD employees are hosting our first "Fill the Bucket" Community Food Drive to benefit local food banks. As a community-wide event, there are multiple ways that everyone throughout Grant County can participate to help those in need.Beginning the week of Oct. 22, cus...

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Non-failure emergency condition lifted at Priest Rapids Dam

Reservoir now operating normally EPHRATA — Grant PUD officials, working with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, removed the non-failure emergency condition at Priest Rapids Dam earlier today. The dam had been operating under the non-failure emergency condition since March 28, when leaking water was discovered in the dam's spillway monoliths ...

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Commission Recap & Budget Hearing, Oct. 9, 2018

More money for fiber build-out recurring theme at budget hearings Grant PUD commissioners hosted the first of three public hearings at Tuesday's commission meeting to discuss next year's proposed $279.6 million budget, which includes a 2-percent increase in 2019 electric-rate revenue toward a goal of much lower increases in 2020 and beyond. (2:42 o...

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Discover the Columbia Plateau’s past, present at Archaeology Days

One day for adults. Two days for youth. Insights, fun and learning for all. MATTAWA — The Wanapum People and Grant PUD invite you to the Wanapum Heritage Center for Archaeology Days 2018. Youth Days, Oct. 29 and 31, 9:30 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. Both days are already booked solid with hundreds of visiting students. Space is still available for homeschoole...

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Grant PUD commissioners to hold public budget hearings

Grant PUD commissioners to hold public budget hearingsCustomers invited to attend the hearings, ask questions and provide comment. Grant PUD Commissioners will host three budget hearings before adopting the utility's 2019 budget. The budget hearings are held in locations throughout the county to more easily allow customers an opportunity to attend ...

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Commission recap: Sept. 25, 2018

Note: This meeting was not recorded because it took place at Grant PUD's Hydro Office Building in BeverlyGrant PUD commissioners received a first look of the 2019 budget during their meeting at the Hydro Office Building near Wanapum Dam on Tuesday, Sept. 25. The presentation will be shown to customers during three budget hearings on Oct. 9 and 11. ...

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Initiative 1631 would increase Grant PUD costs by millions

Initiative 1631, which will appear on the state's November ballot, would impose a fee on carbon emissions that could result in a 5 percent — $16 million — increase in average annual costs for Grant PUD.That's the latest estimate by Grant PUD analysts Jeremy Nolan and Paul Dietz. The estimate is based on the six-year period following the year when l...

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Wanapum's historic photo exhibit part of regional conversation on Native identity

The Wanapum Heritage Center will exhibit the work of Lee Moorhouse (1850-1926), a noted photopgrapher from Pendleton, Oregon, who produced more than 9,000 images of urban, rural and Native American life in the Columbia Plateau from 1888 to 1916. Moorhouse's photographs of the Cayuse, Walla Walla, and Umatilla are of particular significance for the ...

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How one rural community is taking control of its broadband destiny

By Thomas Stredwick Sr. manager of wholesale fiber for Grant County PUDBouncing along the back roads of Grant County you wouldn't know that you are likely cruising past one of the most state-of-the-art superhighways in the country. As communities throughout the country scramble to extend reliable, robust broadband, Grant County Public Utility Distr...

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Commission Recap: Sept. 11, 2018

Wheeling-fees conversation continues with irrigators, Bureau The issue of fees charged to the Federal Bureau of Reclamation for wheeling services was back as a topic of discussion during Tuesday's meeting. Commissioners heard directly from both PUD staff and the Quincy-Basin Irrigation District regarding a proposed new contract that would establish...

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Commission Recap: Aug. 28, 2018

Phase-in of new Evolving Industry rate to begin April 1 New rate responds to large influx of high-power cryptocurrency miners, protects Grant PUD and its customers from risk. Starting April 1, cryptocurrency miners and other "evolving-industry" firms will pay the first of a three-year, graduated increase to a new, above-cost electric rate designed ...

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Commission Meeting recap 8-14-2018

Grant PUD staff proposes phase-in of Evolving Industry rate Grant PUD staff proposes to phase in the new Evolving Industry Rate 17 over three years in graduated increments of 15 percent the first year, 35 percent the second year and 50 percent the third year. If approved, the first increase would begin April 1, 2019, commissioners heard Tuesday. (1...

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Staff proposes phase-in of Evolving Industry rate

Commissioners to consider options as discussion continues On July 31, Grant PUD staff members presented a recommendation to commissioners for a multi-year phase-in of new rates for customers in the proposed Evolving Industry rate class. The recommendation was given to the commissioners during a special workshop in the Ephrata Commission Room to dis...

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Spillway work at Priest Rapids Dam nearing completion

Drainage drilling is finished and monitoring devices are now being installed EPHRATA —Drilling for drainage and inspection in the spillway monoliths at Priest Rapids Dam is complete, as around 230 core samples have been extracted from the dam's grout gallery. The discovery of excess leakage due to a disbonded lift joint earlier this year, resulted ...

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Crews Continue Inspection of Priest Rapids Dam Spillway Monoliths

Grant PUD officials expect analysis to continue for the next several weeks Crews continue investigating the leakage discovered in spillway monoliths at Priest Rapids Dam. Initial analysis shows that a disbonded lift joint is the source of the leakage. A lift joint is the area between two concrete blocks poured at different times. A monolith is the ...

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April 10: Commission Meeting Recap

DURING TUESDAY'S MEETING COMMISSIONERS -Unanimously approved a $2.8 million increase to the contract with Voith Hydro Inc. and an extension of 15 days, bringing the total revised contract maximum to $14.3 million. Voith is a contractor on an approximately 10-year project to rehabilitate the 10 turbine/generator units at Priest Rapids Dam. This chan...

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Priest Rapids reservoir lowered for spillway inspection

Grant PUD officials declare a non-failure emergency Out of an abundance of caution, Grant PUD officials have declared a non-failure emergency at Priest Rapids Dam, after inspection drilling revealed leaking in spillway monoliths. Grant PUD will reduce reservoir elevation behind the dam to normal operating minimums while inspection work continues. P...

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Commission meeting recap: Microsoft announces $200,000 contribution for fiber buildout to George

Microsoft officials announced during the commission meeting in Beverly on March 27 that the company is making a $200,000 contribution toward building out wholesale fiber optic service to residents in the City of George. Paul Englis, of Microsoft, told the commissioners that his company as an organization has a desire to give back to the community, ...

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