Grant PUD Annual Power Auction

Auction for up to two Slices of 2020 Priest Rapids Project Output (two 6.45% slices in most recent auction)


Getting Started

Before getting started, please update your contact information using the following form. We rely on this information for our emailings and phone directory. Even if you have updated your information last year (and it is unchanged) we still encourage everyone to fill out the contact information.

Review and download required documents and forms below.


This document provides a list of tasks and items that need to be performed or delivered in order to participate in the Power Auction.

2019 Auction Schedule

for 2020 slice of PRP

Aug. 16, 2019

Send out Notice to Start Auction Process

Sep. 19, 2019

Auction Percents for 2020: to be determined

Oct. 11, 2019

Pre-Qualify to Bid Deadline

Nov. 5, 2019

Auction Bids due between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m.

Nov. 12, 2019

Contract Execution with Auction Winner(s)

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Required documents


is for bid submittal. Please do not alter the Bid Form as any altered forms will not be accepted.  The final bid for will be available once the slice amount(s) for 2020 are available on September 19, 2019.


information on the collateral establishment process.


this is the form of guaranty that will be accepted by Grant PUD. Guaranty and/or collateral postings are required upon Contract execution.


There are no anticipated edits required to this draft of the 2019 OMC.


This must be filled out and returned to Grant in order to participate in the auction. Once your application is processed you will be contacted by Karrie Buescher kbuescher@gcpud.org notifying you of your Collateral Threshold and Guarantee Requirement.


In addition to the signed Contract, the auction winner will also need to present a board resolution, ordinance or policy authorizing said signatory to enter in a contract with the District for the purchase of energy prior to Contract execution November 2019. If you have a corporate resolution that demonstrates authority to enter into the Contract, please send a copy to us prior to the auction so that we can assure that it meets the legal requirements of our process.

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Winners for 2019 PRP Slice

Exelon Generation Company, LLC
Morgan Stanley Capital Group, Inc.

History of the Power Auction

On Feb. 11, 1998, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued an “Order Modifying Initial Decision," which requires Grant PUD to sell a portion of its firm and non-firm Priest Rapids Project power. We developed a marketing plan to comply with the FERC order. See details, below.




  • Be fair and equitable
  • Be non-discriminatory
  • Be pursuant to market-based principles and procedures

Grant PUD developed the "open-market auction" (power auction) process to establish the market price of project power in response to the FERC order.

The power auction is the first of its kind in the nation. The first power auction happened in 2005 and has been received well by the industry. It is our goal to not only meet the tenets of the FERC order but also provide access to our clean, renewable, hydro resource on the Columbia River.

Research Documents & Links

You may find these documents and links helpful in evaluating our power products.

Priest Rapids Project (Wanapum & Priest Rapids Hydro Developments - WAPR)

The Mid-Columbia Hourly Coordination Video, though dated, offers an overview of operations on the Mid-Columbia (Mid-C). Please note that as of June 30, 2017, Douglas PUD is no longer participating in the Mid-Columbia Hourly Coordination.

The District's BA Hosting Principles located in Exhibit B of the 2019 CONTRACT FOR OPEN-MARKET SALES OF PRIEST RAPIDS PROJECT POWER addresses scheduling requirements and reserves. The District has a requirement that the Auction winner has Grant's BA as the host and that the BA Hosting Principles Appendix is part of the Open Market Contract.

PRP Operations Overview gives a cliff notes overview of Hourly Coordination, and significant non-power requirements. This information is helpful in understanding operations on the Mid-C and also give insight to interpreting data files available on our website.

Priest Rapids Project Scheduled Outages is a file showing, on a daily basis, when turbines, generators, and transformers are expected to be out of service and the resulting expected number of generators available at both the Wanapum and Priest Rapids Developments.


Public Utility District No. 2 of Grant County, WA (District) will be conducting an auction for the sale of a percentage portion of the electrical generation output and associated products (Project Slice) from the District’s Priest Rapids Hydroelectric Project.

The information provided on this Web site relates to the auction process and project slice description. While the District believes this information to be accurate, potential bidders shall be solely responsible for conducting their own investigation and analysis. The District makes no warranties or representations of any kind whatsoever relating to the auction or project slice, except as expressly set forth in the written contract documents made available to prospective bidders.