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Grant PUD power travels to our customers over thousands of miles of transmission and distribution lines. Here's a look at our system by the numbers...


Miles, transmission lines




Padmount transformers


Miles, distribution lines


Overhead transformers


Active meters

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Fuel Mix

Fuel Mix

Each year the Washington State Energy Office at the Washington Department of Commerce publishes fuel mix generation categories and percentage calculations based on data from regional power suppliers. The most current power generation categories for Grant PUD can be found at the link below.

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Carbon Content: For the calendar year ending 2019, the carbon content of the energy delivered to Grant PUD customers combined across all rate classes was .117 metric tons per megawatt hour. The energy delivered to core customers had a carbon content of .102 metric tons per megawatt hour. Energy delivered by Grant PUD to non-core customers that did not buy Rate Schedule 13 Specified Source, had a carbon content of .184 metric tons per megawatt hour.

Priest Rapids Dam