Powering Our Future

Exploring options that grow with us

We understand the decisions we make today are choices that will impact the long-term success of our county in the years to come. Grant County and its energy needs are growing and will continue to grow as utilities across the state look to meet the mandates of Washington’s Clean Energy Transformation Act, a commitment to see 100% of the state’s electricity supply free of greenhouse gas emissions by 2045.

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 Advanced Small Modular Reactor

Learn how we are exploring this carbon-free, innovative nuclear energy option.


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A Clean Energy Future

Learn more about the law that requires utilities to engage the public to help determine their clean energy transition.

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Integrated Resource Plan

Learn more about the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) our road map for meeting our customer's growing needs.

Adding to Grant County's energy portfolio

Grant County’s energy needs will soon grow beyond the capacity of our present hydropower and wind resources. Electricity provided by Grant PUD supports our residential and business customers, along with the ag industry, high tech, data-processing, manufacturing and industrial sectors. Adding additional energy options to meet the needs of our growing community and lead us into the future is a top priority.

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The decisions we make today can changepowerbuildhelpthe future of generations