Nuclear Power

Planning for the future

Grant PUD is in the early stages of developing another source of electricity for our growing county that is as reliable as hydropower and as clean. Learn more here about our efforts and what’s driving them.

Our county’s growing need for energy, coupled with the carbon-free fuel targets recently signed into Washington state law, have made it clear we will need new, carbon-free generation capacity installed within the next decade. We have investigated all types of new generation technology and determined that nuclear energy produced by scalable, “small modular reactors” is an option to consider. We are evaluating a power plant designed by X-energy, which initial analysis found to have tremendous potential. To learn more about the X-energy reactor click here.

We're Growing

Grant PUD’s Integrated Resource Plan shows our county’s demand for electricity outgrowing the generation and financial benefits of our dams by approximately 2026, especially at times of peak demand

We’ll fill the gap with power purchased from the regional wholesale market in the interim. Longer term, we want to control our own destiny by owning and operating a new generating resource capable of producing “baseload” reliable power that, unlike weather-dependent wind and solar power generation, is always there when our customers need it.

Load growth: A look ahead

Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA)

Washington has set timelines to eliminate carbon from its electricity base by 2045. Utilities that don’t comply face penalties that will add to operation costs and contribute to rate increases for our customers.


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About small modular reactors (SMRs)

Electricity generated by small modular nuclear reactors is highly regulated, carbon-free and a reliable source of baseload power. We are exploring the feasibility of building and operating our own small modular nuclear power plant at a site still to be determined. We’re in the early stages of this investigation and will have more details to share in coming months.

Small Modular Reactors

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Grant PUD exploring nuclear power?

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