Key Projects

Design Build 2



A multiple number of new facilities and upgrades that constitute Design Build 2 will increase load capacity for new customers and improve the resiliency of Grant PUD’s electric system to power outages. 


The second round of "Design-Build" projects include:

  • A new 115-kilovolt transmission line named Red Rock T-line located East of Royal City.
  • A new substation named Red Rock located South East of Royal City.
  • Design and construction of the new Royal City Substation.
  • A new 115kV breaker at Frenchman Hills Substation for origination of the Red Rock Transmission Line and addition of new protection & control relays.
  • Design and construction of the new Burke Substation near George.
  • An additional transformer to the Quincy Plains Substation in Quincy.
  • Addition of 180 MVAR capacitor banks to the large Mt. View substation in Quincy to help regulate voltage as load increases.
  • A Mobile Transformer Tap at Mountain View to increase capacity for large industrial customers.
  • A new substation in Quincy named Baird Springs to serve large industrial customers.
  • A new South Ephrata Substation off Dodson Road with a "ring bus" to increase reliability by allowing crews to isolate outages and keep power on to more customers.

Project Schedule:

Construction Start: 2020

Project Completion: 2023




Project Contact


(509) 754-5035 publicaffairs@grantpud.org

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