Key Projects

Wholesale Fiber Expansion Project

Grant PUD’s fiber-optic network is expanding throughout Grant County. In 2021 funding was approved to reach the next seven areas (20-26) of the build out sequence in 2022. Those areas are currently under construction.

View the implementation order of future expansion areas at  www.grantpud.org/getfiber.


Grant PUD’s high-speed fiber-optic network provides customers with the fastest internet connection in Grant County.  Approximately 80 percent of the county homes and businesses have access to Grant PUD’s fiber-optic network which provides open access, gigabit-speed, fiber-to-the-home service.

Grant PUD partners with independent internet service providers who offer retail internet service to residents and businesses.

Grant PUD’s Wholesale Fiber Expansion Project will complete the construction of the network to the remaining unserved portions of the county.

Timeline and Cost

Construction completion targeted for 2024. Pending overall financial conditions of the utility and the network.

Estimated cost to complete construction of the last 40 expansion areas: $70.2 million

Project Schedule:

Project Completion: 2024



Approximate cost for the 2019-2023 expansion

Project Contact


(509) 754-5035 publicaffairs@grantpud.org

Other Key Projects