River Conditions

Weather info, water temperature, river levels and more

The Columbia River provides year-round recreational opportunities. River conditions vary by season and can change without notice. This page provides data about the current conditions near Priest Rapids and Wanapum Dams. 

Weather Info

Priest Rapids DamWanapum Dam
TimeStamp06 / 16 / 2024 21:00:0106 / 16 / 2024 21:00:01
Headwater Elevation487.6571.1
Tailwater Elevation412.4492.9
Current Air Temperature5860
High Temp. Today5872
Low Temp. Today4651
High Temp. Yesterday7065
Low Temp. Yesterday4653
Current Wind Speed115
Wind DirectionWNWWNW
Today's High Wind Gust4542
Yesterday's High Wind Gust3752
Current Water Temperature5857

Flow Volumes & Water Quality

Hourly Columbia River flows and water-quality data, measured at both Priest Rapids and Wanapum dams.

Boat Launch Water Levels

A number of our recreation areas have public access boat launches. Below is the current water level at each launch. River level data updates every hour. Remember to be safe while on the water and beware that river levels can change suddenly without warning. For more information about our recreation areas visit grantpud.org/visit-us.

Apricot Orchard

Apricot Orchard Water Level

Frenchman Coulee

Vantage Boat Launch


Huntzinger Boat Launch

Wanapum Lower

Crescent Bar

Priest Rapids Rec. Area Boat Launch

Wanapum Upper

Fish Counts

We provide accurate counts of adult fish that migrate past Priest Rapids and Wanapum dams. Video cameras record passage 24-7 during migration season from April 15 to Nov. 15. These counts help us manage the river environment to ensure salmon and other migratory fish survive and thrive.
These are the folks who do our fish counts every year from April through November. They can identify most any fish in the river from the shape of its head, body and tail. The counters used to count in real time, 24-7, through viewing windows in a small rooms called "count houses." Today, the runs are video recorded at each dam, and the counters work off the videos. From left, Vicki Solheim, Arline Harvold-Terry, Carol Frady, Supervisor Dave Duvall, John Smoots, Debbra Long, Denise Wisdom and Val Parker.

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