Rate Schedule 17 - Scheduled Review

Resolution 8891, which established Rate Schedule 17, requires at least a yearly review of the rate class to determine if certain customer uses or industries should move into or out of the rate class. Staff will share materials and info regarding the review during regularly scheduled commission meetings.  See table below for tentative schedule regarding Rate Schedule 17.

Grant PUD Commission Meeting Schedule

Grant PUD commissioners typically meet on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 30 C Street S.W., Ephrata. Meetings are open to the public, with the public comment period on agenda and non-agenda items occurring at 1 p.m. Commission meetings are schedule as follows for December and January. Please visit here to see meeting agendas and materials.

Tentatively scheduled topics
Opportunities for ​Public Comment
Jan. 28, 2020

​Public comment accepted at 1 p.m.
Feb. 11, 2020
Rate Schedule 17 staff presentation scheduled / Commission review
​Public comment accepted at 1 p.m.
​Feb. 25, 2020​Rate Schedule 17 staff presentation scheduled / Commission review Public comment accepted at 1 p.m.​
​March 10, 2020Possible commission action regarding Rate Schedule 17​Public comment accepted at 1 p.m.​

Presentations and Materials

As part of the annual review the following item(s) were shared with Grant PUD commissioners during a commission meeting.

Nov. 26, 2019- See the presentation to the commission below and download a copy of the presentation here.

The following Excel files were used to develop the recommended rate schedule:

If you would like run the models with the links active, you need to download all of them to the same folder on your local drive and then open them in numerical order. As you open each file if there is an "Enable Content" button, select it and then edit the links to point to the files with the same name in the folder to which you downloaded all the files. In some cases you may need to change the links to more than one file.

In file 5 there is a link to a file "EVI Rate Class components_07022018.xlxs". This file only contains the current rate information and you can break the link if you wish.

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