Wallen will continue to lead Grant PUD

EPHRATA – Grant PUD commissioners announced today during their monthly workshop that Rich Wallen will reRich_Wallen_GM_CEO.jpgmain as the utility’s Chief Executive Officer/General Manager. 

The commission had reluctantly accepted Wallen’s resignation on May 7 when he let them know he intended to take a position with Chelan PUD.  

Speaking for the entire board, Commission Vice President Terry Pyle dispelled rumors by asserting that the commission at no time asked for Wallen’s resignation and affirmed the commission’s support. 

“Rich has been a positive force for opportunity and growth in virtually every area of Grant PUD. His leadership has put us in the strongest financial position Grant has ever experienced,” he said in a prepared statement. “He has not allowed us to rest on the good work we are, and have been, doing for years. He has pushed us to prepare for the wave of change that is now on our doorstep. We are well on our way to solving the challenges that lie immediately in front of us.” 

He added, “So in the spirit of cooperation between Rich Wallen and the board, we are excited to announce Rich will continue to lead us on this voyage.” 

Said Wallen, following the workshop, “As I met with the commission this past week, we all agreed it would be best to continue working together to accomplish our aligned vision for how Grant PUD will power the future of Grant County. I appreciate the commission’s support. I’m looking forward to guiding our team’s objective to seek continuous improvement in providing excellent power and wholesale fiber service to our customers that is both reliable and affordable.”  

Wallen has been with Grant PUD for seven years and served the last two and a half as the utility’s general manager, drawing on his power-industry experience, skillful leadership and the capability of Grant PUD employees to lead the utility at a time of soaring demand for electricity for manufacturing, transportation and data processing, while also ensuring strong financial health of the utility.  

“Things are changing faster than the world has ever seen and we have a ton of work to do to adapt and develop new resources to meet the demand brought on by these changes,” Pyle said. “This work is crucial for the future economic health of our county and we are privileged to be part of it. We are writing a new and significant chapter in the history of our county and our PUD. We truly appreciate the work Rich has done as well as the direction and pace he has instituted for Grant County PUD.” 

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