We’re in This Together

Good afternoon,

Our response to the threat of Coronavirus has many of us working from separate locations, under differing circumstances. This certainly has been unsettling for all of us. And, as we look outside our organization, much of the news we're hearing is about event cancellations, pandemic declarations, and stock market declines and fear. Many of us may at times feel like we are helpless to do anything about any of this.

But remember that we at Grant PUD are united even in our temporary separation. By getting our jobs done the best we can and/or by supporting others who are, we're making a difference to keep ourselves and our customers safer. That is doing something. That is making a difference. We will do everything in our power to keep our dams operating safely, and deliver power and fiber networking services to our customers.

I am so proud of our team and how you are responding to this challenge. I'm seeing tremendous leadership, teamwork, creativity, respect and compassion from so many of you. Each employee is essential to our utility and most of you are providing essential work in our present condition. Some employees are needed on site to keep our mission-critical systems functioning. Many others are diligently working off site to support mission-critical work and to keep our business operations functioning.

No doubt these are stressful times. If you're having trouble kicking the feeling of being overwhelmed, take a break, perhaps take a walk, or call someone you care about. Also, remember we have an Employee Assistance Program that includes mental-health counseling resources.

You can find out more about that resource and also everything you need to know related to our response to Coronavirus at our one-stop coronavirus-related webpage. Please bookmark the page so you have it as a quick reference. Content on the page will be updated when conditions change or there are new instructions.



Employee Assistance Program/Guidance Resources:

  • Grant PUD employees have access to confidential emotional support, work-life solutions, legal guidance, financial resources, and online support. Learn how to register here.


  • Through our health insurance, Grant PUD employees also have access to Talkspace. This benefit allows for mental health support via text message.View Flyer


  • As of January 1, 2020, Teladoc has the ability to provide behavioral health services 24/7. 
  • Learn more about Teladoc here

  • 800-Teladoc ($10 copay will apply)​