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PL and Timesheet Approvals

  • For holiday pay, 8 hours of Holiday will be applied automatically. It does not show as a line item, but it does show at the top of the timesheet (image below). If a worker typically works rolling 9's or 10's, an additional line of PL may be needed to account for the Employee's shift (please refer to CBA for bargaining unit employee time rules).

  • Supervisors can approve timesheets using the mobile app or by logging into https://grantpud.org/myHR from their home computer. No need to come in to the office to approve timesheets.

Timesheet Entry

  1. Timesheets do not autosave. You must click the Save button each time you make an entry.

  2. The attributes lists are long and sometimes don't display the full list when you scroll. If you don't find what you are looking for in the list, start typing in the field and the attribute should show. For instance, if you are looking for Wanapum in the location attribute, instead of scrolling the list to find it, start typing Wan and the list will jump to entries that start with wan. (Side Note: the mobile app will display all the contents of an attribute list.)

There are two functions that should make time entry a bit easier for you and your staff.

  1. Copy. If you work on the same items for more than one day, you can copy previously entered time, so you only have to adjust the number of hours for that line item. You can copy any date range.

  2. Enter Duration. Use the "Enter Duration" button to see your time by activity. This allows you to enter time for the entire week for a repeated activity. Then use the "+" button to add the next unique activity. This is also the best view for reviewing time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We will be updating the FAQs so check back

How do I log in the first time?
Watch an instructional video here or download the instructions here.

Who do I call for help?
Contact a Business Advisor (see the list of BATs below). 

Will I still track time with Maximo?
Yes. If you have been tracking time on Maximo, continue to do so.

How do I enter time on my timesheet?
Download instructions here.

How do I approve my employees' timesheets?
Watch an instructional video​ here.​

Will I still track time with Maximo?

Yes. If you have been tracking time on Maximo, continue to do so.