Office 365 Updates


Imagine a computing environment where your files and documents are always up to date, always available through the Internet and always in your control. That vision is here, and it is OneDrive.

As part of the Office 365 transformation, we will be putting the OneDrive application on all district computers on March 25 and moving employees' files from their N: drives to OneDrive starting March 30.

OneDrive will provide employees with greater flexibility and control because it is a system of remote hosted servers that can be accessed over the Internet, also known as the "cloud."This is different than our current file storage system, which resides on a private network and requires VPN or Citrix to access.

A series of OneDrive "Drop-In Demonstrations" have been scheduled between March 23 and April 3 to support employees (view schedule here). Additional information about the OneDrive transition and training resources can be found here.

Change Champions

A team of committed, enthusiastic Change Champions is preparing to support employees in specific work areas by sharing information, communicating timelines and upcoming changes, conducting basic demonstrations, answering questions and collecting feedback. Champions have begun contacting managers to schedule Office 365 presentations for employees in March. Find out who the Champion for your work area is here

A new Learning Path for Office 365  

Office 365 is building momentum around Grant County PUD, with many employees using it to hold meetings with Teams, find contact information through Delve, access Word documents from anywhere and more. In order to support employees' transition to the new tools, we've launched the Learning Pathways training portal where employees can find training videos and quick start guides that they can refer to for anything from quick tips to more comprehensive instruction.

Access Learning Pathways from the @Grant Home Page under "Services" and then "Training"

Corporate directory is moving to Delve

We now have access to Delve Coporate Directory, a new Office 365 application that identifies employee contact information and other details such as their schedule availability, reporting structure and more.

From the GrantNet homepage, click on "Search Center" in the top right of the navigation. Until March 1, you will also have the option to use the older OurDirectory which is located in the same place (see Example 1 on the right). 

One convenient feature of Delve is that employees can also access Delve when not on the network by visiting office.com and using their Grant PUD login credentials. Once in Delve, they can search for any employee using the Search bar in the upper left corner (see Example 2 on the right).

Delve is more than a corporate directory, and as a result will "show" each employee several document that they've recently looked at or worked on. This view is unique to every employee, and Delve will not "show" documents that the employee did not already have access to. The following resources can provide additional context about Delve:

Delve Corporate Directory Job Aid

Are My Documents Safe in Delve?

Delve Training Resources

Example 1
Example 2

Teams meeting dial-in is now available 

Employees now have audio conferencing capabilities for Microsoft Teams meetings. Look for an email from Microsoft Audio Conferencing in your inbox where you can find your account information and PIN. Once you have received the email, audio conferencing information will automatically populate in your meeting invitations every time you schedule a Teams meeting.

Join Teams meetings by phone 

Starting Feb. 3, employees will be able to join Teams meetings by phone in addition to joining by Internet as they do today.

On Feb. 3, everyone will receive an email from Microsoft Audio Conferencing with a conference phone number that will automatically populate in all Teams meetings they initiate after Feb. 3.

Meeting participants will be able to dial that conference phone number from their LAN line or cellular phone to join the meeting, which is especially useful during hands-free talking or other scenarios when employees do not have an Internet connection.

CAUTION: If using this new tool while driving, use only the audio. The Grant PUD Safety Team recommends against participating in a video meeting while behind the wheel.

A new design for Intranet home page 

The new home page for the Intranet will go live on Friday, Feb. 7. As part of the Office 365 transformation, the new Intranet home page provides visitors with a glimpse of the appearance and function of the new format that is being developed for the whole Intranet throughout the year. While much is new with the home page, it will still have most of the same functions as the old home page. 

Perhaps the most significant change is that many of the links that were on the left navigation and bottom of the homepage are now all in one place under the top pull-down menus (See image to the right). The rest of the home page will be devoted to a more dynamic design to reflect current news and initiatives throughout our utility. 

With this new design, we expect the home page to be an even greater resource for you to receive the latest information you need to be informed and successful in your role here at Grant PUD. We want to hear your questions or comments regarding the new design.

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