Major construction enters its final stage at Crescent Bar Recreation Site

Visitors will have access to the on-island boat launch by Memorial Day weekend

EPHRATA, Wash. – Crescent Bar Island has been bustling with construction activity for the past several months all in an effort to finish three final large projects – the on-island Riverbend Park Boat Launch and day-use marina, water system renovation, and wastewater-treatment plant. Completion of these projects will put the final stamp on the $30 million transformation of this popular recreation area.

Earlier this month, construction crews were dredging and removing a temporary river rock work platform used to install pilings for the boat launch dock and marina.

Crews then installed a steel framework imbedded in natural river rock and covered it with pre-cast concrete panels to form the boat ramp, said Brandon Little, Grant PUD Project Manager. "Work should be finished and the ramp open by Memorial Day weekend," he said.

Crews will also install new pumping equipment and build a new pump house to shelter both the island's existing well and a new well. Both will get new pumps. When finished in July, the existing well will continue to be the island's primary source for drinking water and fire suppression. The new well will be a backup water source. Golf course irrigation will come from a third well, which formerly supplied island drinking water, but no longer meets water quality standards.
"Course fairways will be much improved this season as repairs are finished to the course irrigation system," Little said.

Adjacent to the course's No. 1 fairway, crews have poured concrete for a main component of the island's new wastewater system – the treatment tank.

The new wastewater system is going in just north of the island's existing open-air wastewater lagoon, which will be decommissioned, Little said. The plant will be finished in late November. Crews and equipment will continue working throughout summer and fall, but won't impact those wanting to use the golf course. Island leaseholders will reimburse Grant PUD approximately $7 million over 10 years for their agreed-upon share of the water and wastewater system upgrade costs.

As Grant PUD prepares for summer visitors at Crescent Bar, the utility is taking proposals from qualified food truck vendors and/or watercraft rental companies to provide commercial services at the Crescent Bar Recreation Area this summer. Complete details and information for potential vendors are available at www.grantpud.org.

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