Grant PUD launches outage alerts via text message 

Grant PUD customers can now stay up-to-date on major power and fiber-optic outages in their specific areas of Grant County by simply reading an alert on their cell phones or computers.

Major outage alerts by text message or email have already begun to Grant PUD customers via the Everbridge Emergency Alert System. This is the same emergency alert system used by Grant County Emergency Management and many law-enforcement agencies around the region.  

Grant County residents with mobile and landline numbers are already included in the Everbridge system. But anyone – even if you live outside Grant County – can opt in to receive alerts by filling out an online form here. Likewise, anyone who is already subscribed can opt out by following the instructions on any of the alerts received.

Grant PUD will use this alert service primarily for “major” outages affecting 100 or more customers and other, occasional, emergency service alerts. The same alerts and updates will continue to be posted on Grant PUD’s Facebook, X (formerly Twitter) and the grantpud.org/outages website.

Why stay in the loop?

  • Multiple locations: Each customer can register to receive alerts and updates affecting up to five Grant County locations, including home, work and family residences.
  • No need for social media: Alerts are the fastest, most direct and up-to-date way of staying informed.
  • Precise: Grant PUD’s advanced mapping system enables more precise alerts to affected areas. It’s not perfect, but close, and getting closer!

Scroll down for answers to Frequently Asked Questions. For more info, contact Grant PUD Public Affairs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Everbridge outage alerts FAQ

If I didn’t sign for outage alerts, how did Grant PUD get my phone number?

Our Everbridge platform uses public phone listings to tie numbers with addresses. Many of the numbers in the Everbridge data base are correctly tied to properties, but we do know that the system isn’t perfect, which is why we are encouraging our customers to sign up for outage alerts here.

Can I sign up for more than one address?

Each contact in our system can sign up for as many as five locations, so our customers can get notifications for their homes, the homes of family members, work locations, or even farm locations. 

How does Grant PUD know who to text and email about outages?

We have a mapping system that’s tied to our power distribution system, so if we’re aware of a specific area where there is a widespread outage, then we can use the map to help us notify customers in that area.

Will you text me when I’m sleeping?

We plan to have a quiet time for our texting service from 9 p.m. to 8 a.m. During those hours, we will post notifications to our social media and to the grantpud.org/outages website. If an outage continues after 8 a.m., we plan to send out a text message with the latest information then. 

If I get a text, does that mean I for sure have an outage?

Not in every case. Our mapping system does have some gaps and overlaps to it. We’ll work on improving it over time, but we know there will be customers who get a text who may or may not have power out to their location. This system is primarily designed to raise awareness and let customers know we are aware of power being out to their area. 

If I get a notification and my power is out, should I still call the 1-800-216-5226 outage line?

If your power is out and you know that we are aware, there is no need to call us UNLESS, you are aware of damage to our power system, such as a downed power line or damaged power equipment. Then please call us to report that information. 

My power is out and I didn’t get a notification. What should I do?

Please call us at 1-800-216-5226. The notification service and outage map are for major outages (typically when more than 50 people are without power). For smaller localized outages, please call us at 1-800-216-5226. 

Will you notify me if my fiber service is out?

We may use the notification service to raise awareness for major fiber outages. But the standard way to communicate about fiber outages is to call your internet service provider first and they will work with us. 

What if I don’t want to get the outage notifications?

You may opt out of the outage notifications service at any time. Just follow the instructions that come with your notification. 

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