COVID-19 Incident Management Team Objectives

 Updated May 26, 2020

Grant PUD COVID-19 Incident Management Team Objectives

Criticality Level: Leve​​l 3 Moderate

Incident Level Objectives

1. Ensure public and employee safety, with goal of zero safety incidents.

2. Ensure minimal potential for employee exposure to COVID-19.

3. Operate the power plants with all units available for generation except those under rehabilitation/upgrade.

4. Deliver power to core customers with minimum interruption.

5. Operate wholesale fiber infrastructure with minimum interruption.

6. Maintain support functions at proper level to support core functions above.

7. Keep vital infrastructure intact.

8. Maintain NERC/CIP and FERC compliance.

9. Communicate with public and employees promptly on status of the incident.

10. Ensure customers are receiving bills and can make payments.

11. Process employee timesheets and complete payroll.

Operational Objectives 

(Updated regularly)

1. Supply

a. Order critical supplies for a 12 week minimum supply; adjust burn rates for face coverings & hand sanitizer to account for all employees returning under moderate & normal conditions.

b. Find reliable ongoing supply sources for reusable masks, hand sanitizer.

c. Incorporate FEMA supplied reusable masks into supply stock.

d. Complete plan to distribute reusable masks to each employee.

2. Risk Management

a. Report on issues arising from move to Moderate Incident Criticality Level back to planning section. 

b. Revise practices and mitigation measures for high risk positions/activities

c. Plan for return to work under ICL 4 (Normal)

d. Update vehicle use guidelines (one operator per vehicle application).

e. Finalize plan for operator testing prior to sequestration. (with union collaboration)

3. Finance

a. Continue reporting on incident costs, use of admin leave

4. Communication

a. Hold live podcast communication from IMT

5. Get feedback to Corrective Action Program Manager Robert Lougee on any lessons learned (successes and opportunities for improvement).

a. Report lessons learned from move to Moderate ICL and bringing people employees back to work locations.