Cost-Coding Attributes for COVID-19 Response related work:

The following cost-codes have been developed specifically for work impacted by the District's response to the COVID-19 pandemic:

Expenditure Coding 


  • Use previously established/ standard Time Codes,for any work performed; including regular, modified, and/or COVID-19 Response related work – e.g., Regular – 11; Regular – 1; etc.

  • For employees on Administrative Leave related to COVID-19 Response see below:

New Time Code: "Incident Admin Leave" – 185 and 185L

      • Time Codes "Incident Admin Leave" 185 and 185L should be used by employees who cannot perform regular or modified job duties during their scheduled work hours, due to extenuating working conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. No hours actually worked (whether regular, modified or COVID-19 response related duties) should be charged to time code 185 or 185L.

      • No other attribute fields are filled out when using "Incident Admin Leave" 185 and 185L.


IN126 "COVID-19 Response" should be used for all COVID Response work


The following codes have been established for work associated with these activities related to COVID-19

1. AC094 Emergency Response
  • Meetings related to Emergency Response
  • Incident Command and Business Continuity
  • Support for ordering, tracking, organizing supplies for COVID-19; this will mainly apply to Procurement/Warehouse/Facilities

  • 2. AC095 Technology Support
  • IT support for employees working remote from home
  • User questions, requests, phone support, teleconferencing, etc.

  • 3. AC048 Program/Policy Development
  • Development of policy and procedures to keep employees safe during the COVID-19 Emergency Response
  • Remote work from home, PPE, social distancing, return to work, etc.

  • 4. AC071 Training
  • Education and delivery of information to employees regarding COVID-19 and related symptoms, as well as details of the District's response
  • Staff meetings, GM Forums, etc., educating employees about COVID-19
  • Resiliency Training

  • 5. AC055 Public Affairs and Comms Management
  • Aggregating and communicating information related to COVID-19
  • Communications to the community, agencies, vendors, suppliers, and customers regarding potential impacts on operations

  • 6. AC096 Sanitizing/Disinfecting
  • Support for sanitizing or disinfecting any essential work area, vehicle or equipment in response to COVID-19 mandated guidance


    • Use the previously established/ standard Work Location codes for where work was performed.
    • If working from home during the COVID-19 Response the Work Location code is Remote LN097

    Additional Direction for Maximo Users:

    If you are doing any work related to COVID-19 Response and cannot find an existing work order to choose, create a new work order and use:

    • INITIATIVE Code "IN126 COVID-19 Response" and
    • ACTIVITY Code "AC094 Emergency Response"
    • The description of the work order should be specific to the task you are performing.

    If you need help getting a work order or have questions about existing COVID-19 work orders, please contact Kasey Grant. 

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