4H kids get super safety demonstration

Grant PUD line workers gave 4H kids, leaders and parents an up-close look at their protective gear and an "electrifying" demonstration of how important it is to be safe around high-voltage power equipment. The demonstration was a part of the "4H Super Saturday" event at the Grant County Fairgrounds on Saturday, Feb. 23.

Linemen Eric Huber, Ed Olson, TJ Main, Kirk Truscott and electrician Luke Stansbury provided two demonstration events. They let the kids try on special linemen's gloves, handle lineworking tools called "shotguns" or "hot sticks," try on climbing spikes, and heft a fully-stocked linemen's tool belt.

The crew members also showed what happens if someone doesn't "Look up and Live" and puts a handline pipe or ladder into a power line. They also explained how squirrels can cause outages, and the hazards of digging into buried power lines.