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To sign up for fiber or to report internet service problems, contact your internet service provider. See List Here

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Let Grant PUD’s high-speed fiber-optics turbo-charge your internet experience. Our High Speed Network is available in most areas of Grant County at download speeds of up to a blazing 1-gigabit per second. Join those folks who’ve already harnessed its power to gain an advantage at work, school and home. Explore your options below.

How to Sign up for Service?

Use the interactive map below to see if the Grant PUD's High Speed Network is available in your area. If you have access, contact a local service provider to get hooked up.

On the map locations with access to Grant PUD’s High Speed Fiber Network are highlighted in purple. Areas with a green border are currently under construction and will have access soon. The other blue-shaded areas highlight the implementation order for expanding the network to the remaining portions of the county. You can also search addresses by typing your location in the box on the upper left. The search feature will zoom to the specified address. Simply click on the map to see the sequence number associated with the address searched.

How to sign up for fiber

Fiber Availability Expansion

There is no associated time frame for any future expansion. Any further expansion will be based on the overall financial conditions of the utility and the network. For details on how we determine where we will be building next, please contact grantfiber@gcpud.org.

The list below shows the proposed implementation order for future expansion.

Expansion Sequence List
Potential End UsersLocation (list highlighting key: Completed projects / Currently under construction / Design stage / Field data collection)Estimated Construction Cost
465 1. 2019 Build - Crescent Bar: Off Island + Trinidad / Project Complete $1,400,000
168 2. 2019 Build - Beverly and Schawana / Project Complete $900,000
488 3. 2019 Build - Sunland Estates / Project Complete $1,600,000
271 4. 2019 Build - Coulee City Area / Project Complete $1,600,000
342 5. 2019 Build - Blue Lake/Park Lake/Alkali Lake / Project Complete $1,500,000
279 6. 2019 Build - Ancient Lake/White Trail / Project Complete (due to exceptional levels of demand at this time, final service connections may take up to six weeks. Letter to residents) $1,900,000
376 7. 2019 Build - McConihe/Neppel/Stonecrest / Project Complete $2,100,000
346 8. 2019 Build - ML: Complete Base Area / Project Complete $2,800,000
142 9. 2019 Build - Kittleson/Rd N Industrial/Wheeler / Project Complete $1,000,000
312 10. 2020 Build - Ephrata City Limits/Rocky Ford/ Project Complete (Project area North of Naylordale moved to Expansion Sequence 13) $2,600,000
106 11. 2020 Build - Electric City: Steamboat Rock to Osborn Bay / Project Complete (except for the State Park and Northrup Canyon areas which require a federal permit with an undetermined lead time) $700,000
145 12. 2020 Build - Cave B to Beverly Burke/2 SW to 2 NW / Project Complete  $1,300,000
285 13. 2020 Build - Ephrata: South Ephrata Substation / Project Complete (We are waiting on permits to complete construction to approximately 20 remaining customers) $2,200,000
280 14. 2020 Build - Rd. 9 NW and Hwy. 283 / Project Complete
110 15. 2020 Build - Gloyd to Stratford / Project Complete $1,500,000
315 16. 2021 Build - Perch Point/Wilbur Ellis to I-90 / Project Complete (Please note, approximately 13 customers south of Road 3 that receive electrical service from the power lines along Hwy. 17 are delayed pending a transmission line modification)
142 17. 2021 Build - Dodson to Winchester Wasteway N I-90 / Project Complete
337 18. 2021 Build - Royal City Surrounding Area / Project Complete
40 19. 2021 Build - Complete Hartline Area/Rd V NE at Rd 47 NE / Project Complete
121 20. 2022 Build - George Area Completion / Project Complete $1,200,000
22 21. 2022 Build - Between Hartline and Wilson Creek / Project Complete $1,100,000
238 22. 2022 Build - Mattawa Surrounding Area / Project Complete
66 23. 2022 Build - Soap Lake: S.E. to fish hatchery and North to Lake Lenore / Project Complete
254 24. 2022 Build - Winchester Project Complete 
362 25. 2023 Build - Warden Area Completion  / Project Complete  
242 26. 2023 Build - North, East and South of Quincy / Project Complete
185 27. 2023 Build -  NW and SW of Quincy / Project Complete $1,500,000
167 28. 2024 Build -  Rd A SE/Smyrna/Crab Creek  / Project Complete  $2,100,000
188 29. 2024 Build -  Jericho   / Project Complete  $2,500,000
53 30. 2024 Build -  Dodson to Frenchman  / Project Complete  $800,000
129 31. 2024 Build -  Wahluke Area East of Mattawa   / Project Complete  $1,900,000
78 32. 2024 Build -  Desert Aire to Rd O SW  / Project Complete  $1,200,000
103 33. 2024 Build -  I-90 Rd U NE/SE  (Target completion date May 10, 2024 July 22, 2024)  $1,100,000
83 34. 2024 Build -  Hwy 281 N. of I-90 to Rd. 3 (Target completion date May 22, 2024 July 15, 2024) $1,000,000
78 35. 2024 Build -  Stratford/Summer Falls/Billy Clapp (Target completion date June 10, 2024 July 29, 2024) $1,000,000
95 36. 2024 Build -  Adams Road NW to Winchester Wasteway N. of I90 to Rd. 7  (Target completion date July 1, 2024 Aug. 5, 2024)  $1,300,000
83 37. 2024 Build -  Braden to George and Black Sands (Target completion date July 15, 2024 Aug. 29, 2024)  $1,900,000
133 38. 2024 Build -  Ruff (Target completion date Aug. 29, 2024 Sept. 23, 2024)  $2,800,000
59 39. 2024 Build -  Wilson Creek Area (Target completion date Oct 3, 2024)  $1,400,000
60 40. 2024 Build -  Sagebrush Flats/Johnson Rd. NW (Target completion date Oct. 31, 2024)  $2,200,000
TOTAL   $70,200,000

Fiber Package Options

Internet-based service offerings vary by service provider. Rates are affordable, and can be even lower when customers subscribe to more than one service, for example both internet and TV. Check with your service provider for more info.

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High Speed Internet

Grant PUD fiber is the fastest and most consistent way to receive internet and streamed services at your home or business in Grant County. This is world-class speed. You’ll like it better than anything else you’ve used around here. Believe it.

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Wireless Internet Access

Grant PUD wireless networks are available in some areas around Ephrata, Coulee City, Moses Lake, Quincy, George and Mattawa. Download speeds top out at about 7 megabits per second. Check with a service provider for more info about performance. Some service providers may have additional wireless options.

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Telephone Service

Enjoy the security of a wired telephone service for your home or business, delivered over the internet. Look for savings when you “bundle” it with Internet and TV. Ask your service provider.

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Television Services

Premium movies, sports, sitcoms and dramas, national news, local programming, cartoons, food, home improvement and more. Most everything worth watching from a cable or satellite TV company is available in high-definition through your local service provider over Grant PUD fiber. Check with a service provider for lineups and channel packages.

With a connection to the Grant PUD fiber optic network, you’ll receive the fastest Internet service in Grant County. High-speed packages offered by independent service providers are faster than dial-up, DSL and cable — your connection is always on. When your computer is running, your Internet connection is up and available whenever you want it. No more dialing or disconnections — DSL and cable can’t even come close to matching the speed of our fiber optic network connection.

Access to Grant PUD’s fiber optic network is available in three different speeds. Customers can choose speeds of 100 megabits per second, 250 megabits per second or a gigabit. Speak with a service provider and select the speed that’s right for you.

100 MBPS speed250 MBPS speed1 Gigabit speed
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Network Service Providers

Grant PUD’s High Speed Network is the county’s fastest delivery system for internet and other digital services, but state law prohibits us from selling these services directly to you, the end user.

Contact one of the local companies listed here. They sell services over PUD fiber and will get you hooked up. They’ll also be your go-to folks for questions and troubleshooting.

Find a Provider


8823 E Leavenworth Rd, Leavenworth WA 98826
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2623-A Euclid, Wenatchee WA 98801

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Advanced Stream

P.O. Box 7641, Tacoma, WA 98417



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Basin Networking

9 Basin St SW Ste 103B, Ephrata WA 98823


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Coulee Internet

223 Main St,. Grand Coulee WA 99133



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Crescent Bar Internet

8903 Crescent Bar Rd NW, Quincy WA 98848



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109 S. 1st St., PO Box 688, Roslyn, WA 98941



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Grant County Powernet

236 S Ash, Moses Lake WA 98837



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iFIBER Communications

135 Basin St SW, Ephrata, WA 98823

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223 E. Broadway, Moses Lake, WA 98837

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network service icn04

NCI Datacom

626 Okoma Drive, Omak WA 98841



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Nighthawk Networking

PO Box 2393, Mattawa, WA 99349

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Saddle Mountain Wireless

PO Box 2087, Mattawa WA 99349

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7109 Timberlake, Lynchburg VA 24502



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Startouch Broadband

454 W. Stuart Road, Bellingham, WA 98226



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Vyve Broadband254 N Fig St, Moses Lake, WA 98837



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Wholesail Networks, LLC

901 E. Pitcher St, Yakima, WA 98901

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High Speed Network FAQs

Which service provider should I choose?

Choose a service provider that offers the services — internet, telephone and TV and/or wireless — that you’re interested in. Ask other fiber users in your area who they’ve chosen and why. Then get on the phone and call a few. If you get a good vibe and have heard good things about them, they’re probably right for you.

Can’t find what you are looking for?