Priest Rapids Project License

We are proud of the trust the public, agencies and tribal stakeholders have placed in us to manage the lands and waters of the Priest Rapids Project. Our record of meeting the obligations of these stakeholders is reflected in the following documents:

Priest Rapids Project License (pdf)
In 2008, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued a new 44-year license for continued operation of the Project.

Final 401 Water Quality Certification (pdf)
Section 401 of the Federal Clean Water Act is issued by the Washington State Department of Ecology. The certification proposes ways for Grant PUD to comply with state water-quality standards and other regulations protecting the environment.

Recreation Resource Studies RRMP Update (pdf)
The Recreation Resource Management Plan manages our involvement, role and responsibilities in Priest Rapids Project recreation resources over the term of the license.

Recreation Resource Reports

These reports were developed to serve as empirical data sources for Grant PUD’s upcoming Recreation Resources Management Plan.  They identify the amount of recreational opportunities, annual visitation, visitor impacts; both physically and economically, and they estimated the capacity utilization of the recreational resources within the Priest Rapids Project.

2015 Recreation Site and Facility Inventory Report (PDF)

2016 Recreation Use Assessment (PDF)

2016 Recreational Carrying Capacity Assessment (PDF)

Final Shoreline Management Plan (pdf)
The Shoreline Management Plan identifies our plans to protect the scenic quality of the mid-Columbia River. The plan directs land use and activities within the Priest Rapids Project Boundary.

Procedures & Standards Manual for Shoreline Management (pdf)
The Procedures & Standards Manual for Shoreline Management's goals are to provide detailed procedures and criteria to implement the Shoreline Management Plan and regulate activities within the Priest Rapids Project's boundaries.