Share the Warmth

Mother and Child bundled in warm clothes and walking

What is Share the Warmth?

Share the Warmth is a community sponsored program offered by Grant PUD for over four decades. This program provides emergency assistance for those who need help with winter electric bills.

Who will I be helping?

Those in need of our help are your neighbors – often elderly folks on fixed incomes, single-income families trying to make ends meet or just people who find themselves in difficult situations where they are not able to pay their electric bills.

Why donate to Share the Warmth?

Let’s face it – making ends meet under normal circumstances can be a challenge for many of us. When an emergency situation occurs, meeting daily needs can be impossible. That’s why there’s Share the Warmth.

If you can help, please give. Even the smallest donation makes a difference.

How will people get my donation?

Grant PUD keeps Share the Warmth donations in a designated fund. Customers are qualified for the program by an external agency, which determines how much assistance a customer needs. After the customer is qualified, the money is transferred from the Share The Warmth account to the customer's account. The maximum granted to individual customers is $300 per year.

How can I contribute to Share the Warmth?

It’s easy – and tax deductible too. As a Grant PUD customer, you can give anytime. Simply write in an amount on your monthly bill and add it to your payment. There is an easy donation feature customers paying their bill online.

Donations more than $10 will be sent a 1099 form.