FAQs - ePay

Simply click the ePay login button or the ePay signup button.

A new window will open and you will click the Enroll button in the New User box.

1.  Enter information needed.  (You will need your Grant PUD account number and the 5-digit mailing address zip code on your most current bill.)

2.  Enter information requested – create user ID, password, hint question, contact information and confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions.  

There are several benefits to ePay:

ePay enables you to pay your bill online – no checks, no postage.

Automatic email billing allerts let you know when your latest bill is ready to review. By going paperless, you help the environment by reducing the use of paper in producing a bill and fuel associated with mailing the bill and subsequent payment.

You are able to store banking and credit/debit card information for later use.

You can review prior bills and payment activity using ePay.

You may view and update payment information and view usage history.

After you have signed up for ePay, you will receive an email notice that your bill is ready for review online.

1.  After you login, review your bill (ePay home).

2.  Click on the “Payment” button and select the accounts you want to pay and enter the payment amount and date.

3.  Select a payment method.

4.  Enter the credit/debit card (VISA or MasterCard) or bank checking/savings account information. Confirm you have reviewed the terms and conditions.

5.  Confirm payment information and then click on “Make Payment”. You will receive an email confirmation.

No. When you sign-up for ePay, you will receive an email when you bill is ready to view and will not receive a paper bill by mail.

Yes, you may receive your bill by email and pay through your online bank payment service.

Yes. Just click on Payment Methods to add new bank accounts or modify existing bank accounts.

Yes, each person can set up alternate payment methods, but only one User ID and password can be associated with each account. Contact us if you need help to set up payment methods.

Yes. This is an easy way to pay if you plan to be out of town or want to pay in advance for other reasons.

No. Once you are enrolled, simply login to pay your bill.

Below the login, there is a “Forgot your password” link. Click on it and follow the steps for help. Your password must be between 6 to 16 alphanumeric characters and must contain at least one letter and one number.

Yes. After you have signed up for ePay, click “Payments”, then click on “Recurring Payments” and follow the steps to add a recurring payment rule. The recurring payment will start with your following bill. Please note that you will still need to make a one-time-payment for your current bill since the recurring payment will not begin until your next bill.

Yes, and it is easy to do.  Once you are enrolled, simply add additional accounts using the “Multiple Accounts” function.

Login to ePay and then go to “Contact Us."  You can change it there.

No. You may change information in the ePay service but this will not change your Grant PUD account information. Please contact Customer Service by calling (509) 766-2505, (800) 422-3199 or emailing at customerservice@grantpud.org.

Login to your ePay account. Update credit/debit card changes when making your payment by resubmitting the new credit/debit card number (VISA or MasterCard) and/or expiration date.