How to Read Your Meter

How to Read Your Meter

Grant PUD uses digital and manual meters to monitor customers’ energy consumption. Digital meters display the amount of kilowatt hours used, right on the digital screen.

To read a manual meter, read the dials from right to left and write the numbers in the same order. If the pointer is between numbers, read the next smallest number. If the pointer is directly on a number, look at the dial to the right; if the pointer on that dial has passed “0,” then write down the number the pointer is on. If the pointer on that dial has not passed “0,” then write down the smaller number for the dial you are recording.

How to Find Your Meter Number

Each meter has its own number. If you are asked for your meter number, you can usually find it toward the center of the meter. The number typically begins with a letter prefix such as X, F, A, FC or AF and then a sequence of numbers.

About Your Meter

Our meter readers visit your home or business to read your electric meters on a monthly basis to be sure we get accurate readings of your power use. Please keep open access to your electric meter. We may also need to access your meter from time to time for maintenance, testing or other service work. Meter visibility and access is also important in an emergency. Meters are often removed at a structure fire to protect firefighters from shock hazard.

Example of how to read a meter