High Bill Troubleshooting

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Is your Grant PUD bill higher than you anticipated? It’s possible that you simply used more energy than you thought you would. But if it seems out of line, there are a number of of factors that could be leading to unusually high billing amounts.

  • Change in seasons. As the weather gets colder in the winter or hotter in the summer, the energy you use to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home will naturally rise with use and show up as an increase in your Grant PUD bill. Also, the demand for electricity to light a home will increase as the number of daylight hours decreases with the seasons.
  • Hot water leak or equipment failure. Maintaining hot water in a home with an electrical hot water heater requires a large amount of power. If there’s a leak in the hot-water system or a malfunction with the hot water tank, it’s going take more electricity to keep your water hot.
  • Heating or air conditioning system malfunctions. If a duct comes loose, a thermostat isn’t working or a filter is clogged, the system has to work harder, resulting in increased energy consumption.
  • Open doors or windows. A window or door left open in hot or cold weather can make a heating or cooling system work harder to maintain an even temperature in your home.
  • Remodeling or new appliances. More lighting, more appliances, electronics or space heaters will mean more energy demand.
  • Billing cycle. The number of days in the billing cycle can vary from one to four days each month. Each additional day in the billing cycle can mean a 3 percent increase on your bill.
  • Estimated billing. There are rare instances, usually because of inclement weather, when a meter reader will not be able to reach your home. When a bill is estimated, the power you may consume may be greater than what is shown on the estimated bill. If that happens, the next bill will include the difference between the estimated bill and the actual usage.
  • Meter malfunction or reader error. Grant PUD maintains a 99 percent accuracy percentage when it comes to reading meters and maintaining them. However, if you do suspect an error when it comes to your meter, please contact our customer service department at (509) 766-2505 or click here. To learn how to save electricity when the seasons change, click here.