Billing Options

Customer Paying Bill Online

Paperless Billing

When you sign up for ePay, you will receive notification through e-mail. Then simply log into your account to pay online. It's easy, convenient and helps save resources.

Level Billing

BudgetPay, our level billing plan, takes the guesswork out of managing your energy bill. Instead of rising and falling with the seasons, level billing means you know exactly how much your electric bill is going to be each month — because it’s the same every month — just like your mortgage or rent payment. (The level-billing amount can be adjusted annually depending on annual energy usage.)

To sign up for level billing with BudgetPay, call us at (509) 766-2505, (800) 422-3199 or visit one of our local offices. We’ll calculate your level monthly billing amount and get your account set up. Then you can pay monthly or have it automatically withdrawn with our Automatic Payment Plan. Note: Spring is the best time to sign up for BudgetPay.

Click here to download a BudgetPay information sheet.

Multiple Account Billing

See all of your accounts on one statement with multiple account billing. Options for multiple account billing are available through your ePay account or by calling Customer Service at (509) 766-2505.

Share the Warmth

Share the Warmth is a community-funded program offered by Grant PUD that provides emergency assistance for those who need help with electric bills. Learn more about whom it's for and how you can help.