Commission recap 6/09/2020: Commissioners to explore new ways to help customers hardest hit by Covid

Grant PUD commissioners will continue to explore additional ways to help those customers hardest-hit financially by the COVID-19 pandemic but lacked support Tuesday for a proposal that would have given "core" customers a temporary, 4% discount on a portion of their monthly power bills. Commissioner Dale Walker proposed the 4% discount May 28. The d...

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Grant PUD partners with Columbia Basin Foundation to support local food banks

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Campgrounds, golf course and other amenities reopen at Grant PUD recreation sites

Haga Clic para Español Grant PUD reopened our campgrounds and many other day-use amenities earlier today. Many of the amenities have been modified in accordance with guidelines by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Grant County Health District to promote social distancing and protect public health. Specific reopened ameni...

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Commission recap: 5/26/2020: Budget looking strong through March amid changing forecast

Grant PUD's budget through March remains strong, with better-than-forecast power sales to the region more than compensating for a slowing demand for energy among the county's industrial and commercial customers. Compared to Grant PUD's 2020 budget, energy use among Grant PUD retail customers is expected to decline by approximately 50 average megawa...

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Be safe when visiting Grant PUD’s recreation sites

EPHRATA – This Memorial Day weekend we are reminding everyone to be safe while visiting our recreation sites. On May 8, Grant PUD reopened many day-use amenities, including boat launches, on our 20 recreation sites. Since then, we have observed most of our visitors following rules that promote social distancing to prevent the spread of Coronavirus....

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Commission recap 5/12/2020: Budget impacts mild, so far, from COVID-19

Budget impacts from COVID-19 mild, so far A strong financial position, better-than-expected wholesale energy prices, and debt reduction and re-funding work completed earlier this year combine to minimize, for now, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on Grant PUD finances to date, commissioners heard Tuesday. A high degree of uncertainty remains ab...

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​During this pandemic, all of us at Grant PUD are here for you! Our dedicated team of employees continue to generate and deliver power and maintain our high-speed fiber-optic network for our customers and the communities we serve. We also know we are not alone. There are many people working hard and keeping our county moving. We appreciate all that...

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Grant PUD and Washington State Broadband Office launch drive-in Wi-Fi hotspots

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Grant PUD to open boat launches and certain recreation amenities at noon on May 8

Haga click para Español Grant PUD is pleased to announce that our boat launches and most recreation areas will open at noon, May 8. The following restrictions apply for the safety of our visitors and employees: At Crescent Bar: Only the boat launches and boat-launch parking lots will open. The rest of the amenities in this recreation area have...

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Grant PUD's COVID-19 Response

Haga clic para Español As all of us at Grant PUD work through our response to COVID-19 we want to assure customers that our teams continue their daily activities of providing service and support to those throughout Grant County.  As a precautionary measure for the safety of customers and employees, we have restricted public access to...

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Grant PUD to evaluate reopening of recreation sites

EPHRATA – Grant PUD is evaluating when it can reopen its recreation sites, which were closed in March because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Grant PUD operates 20 recreation sites on the Columbia River. During the pandemic, the utility is placing the highest priority on keeping its mission critical systems functioning. These systems includ...

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Moving Day

Birds safe. Electrical system secure.  Osprey are notoriously noted for their excellent taste in real estate. They love high-rise living, on or near prime waterfront property. In Grant County, the prime real estate they choose to build their nests often sits atop a Grant PUD power pole. Raising a family inches from energized powerlines endange...

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Commission recap 4-28-2020: Fiber network and subscriber growth continue

Even in the face of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, expansion work for Grant PUD's high-speed fiber-optic network continues to progress. While at the same time more customers continue subscribing for fiber service. "This pandemic has really highlighted the importance of our fiber-optic internet services," said General Manager Kevin Nordt, who ...

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Quick action on debt work to save Grant PUD $158 million*

EPHRATA — Quick work and careful market watching by Grant PUD's Finance team resulted in debt-reduction and refinancing work that will save the utility just over $158 million in debt service through 2044. "We were in a good position to act when interest rates began to steadily decline," Senior Manager of Treasury Bonnie Overfield said. "The Distric...

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Commission Recap 4-14-2020: Feds approve Grant PUD's Shoreline Management Plan

Grant PUD commission meetings are being held via video conference until the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided. The meetings are recorded. Links and timestamps are below. Members of the public may also listen in to the live meeting by calling an access telephone number and punching in the conference number. See instructions under the day'...

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Thank You

Thank you to everyone helping to keep us going during this time! We appreciate all that you do! #WeAreGrantCounty Haga click para Español

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Free printable safety coloring pages

Download one of the free comic book coloring pages (in English and Spanish) and watch your kids have fun with Grant PUD's Safety Superheroes, Surge and Electricia. They'll learn general tips for electrical safety both in the home and outdoors, recreation safety and energy conservation.  Download

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All Grant PUD recreation sites closed until further notice

Desplácese hacia abajo para español Move coincides with other public lands' closures to prevent spread of COVID-19 EPHRATA — Grant PUD has made the difficult decision to close all its parks, campsites, boat launches and other recreation areas and facilities until further notice as an added measure to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. ...

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Grant PUD announces access changes at its recreation sites

EPHRATA –Select amenities at Grant PUD's recreation areas are restricted from public use until further notice. This includes the closure of all restroom facilities, picnic shelters, playground equipment and the golf course at Crescent Bar. Boat launches, trails and day-use areas, including parking, will remain accessible to the public. The closures...

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Commission Recap 03-24-2020: Route for Red Rock Transmission Line Determined

The route for a new 115-kilovolt transmission line near Royal City has been selected. Following extensive analysis of numerous route segments, public input regarding the three proposed route options and an economic review of the final two route considerations, Grant PUD staff and engineering consultants chose to follow the proposed "Eastern Route" ...

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