Districtwide Service Desk Support Team

Starting immediately, the Service Desk is rolling out some cool new services meant to provide quicker and easier access to the Support and Services you need to perform your work.

What are the benefits to you:

  • Districtwide Service Desk Support Team – fast, easy access to Service Desk help and support. Access to up to date information at a glance.
  • New combined Service Desk Request Form – One stop location for requesting a wide range of support and services.
  • Service Desk Support Bot – 24/7 response, less waiting, faster access to information and services. Plus, its fun!

New Service Desk Support Team!

The Service Desk now has a Districtwide support Team in Microsoft Teams!

 All current and new employees and contractors with GCPUD accounts will have automatic access to this Team.

Here you can interact with the Service Desk Team for help and support needs, find information and How To's, as well as submit a request for a wide range of IT Services using the new Service Desk Request form or view the status of your Open Requests.

You can also view Current Issues that may be impacting your work, view Approved and Implemented IT Changes to major systems approved by the IT Change Advisory Board.

With this change, the Service Desk will be transitioning away from monitoring the Covid – Remote Working Support Team. Please make sure to use the new team for seeking support.

New One Stop Service Desk Form!

The new Service Desk Request form uses Microsoft Forms to combine all of our previous forms into one form, providing a guided experience. Reporting a technical issue, requesting new accounts, remote access or contractor access; its all-in place now!

New Service Desk Support Bot!  

The Service Desk now has a brand spanking new support bot! This nifty IT denizen is now available to answer all those pesky questions you always wanted to ask the Service Desk! No more waiting in the phone queue, no email, just open the bot in Teams and ask away!

All of the traditional ways to contact the Service Desk are still available, phones, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and the Service Desk Request form. However, the bot may be able to help you reach the information and services you're after at the touch of the keyboard. And, if it can't help, it will offer to help to connect you to a Service Desk Specialist.

Examples of things you can ask this bot are:

  • How do I reset my password?
  • How do I contact the Service Desk?
  • How do I submit a ticket?
  • How do I create a Microsoft form?
  • How do I share a file in OneDrive?
  • Where can I find Office 365 training?

Now this bot is a young bot, and it is constantly learning under the tutelage of the Service Desk Team. If you ask it something it doesn't know, please make sure to give it feedback. Feedback helps us identify areas we need to provide more information. You can't hurt it's feelings I promise, so be honest.

The new bot icon should be automatically available for you in Teams on the left hand panel along with Activity, Chat, and Teams.

If for some reason it is not there, it can be easily added by selecting the Apps Icon on the left at the bottom:

  Then search for "Service Desk Support"

Select the App and click Open

 This is a ton of change so please please reach out to me with any and all feedback. Incremental process improvement is the name of the game!

Sam Lamb

IT Manager

Service Desk

**If you are having a technology issue, please contact the GCPUD IT Service Desk at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call x2206 internally. Externally please call 509-754-2206 for assistance.