​New coworkers from left, Lorie Butterly, lands specialist; Zach Ruby, dam safety; Paula Alley, enterprise applications supervisor; Luke Hartung, Power Production engineer.

Grant PUD's newest lands specialist, Lorie Butterly, comes to us after 16 years home schooling her kids and, before that working in state land management for the State Department of Natural Resources. Her last name may sound familiar to many. Lorie's married to Power Delivery Engineer John Butterly. They're longtime residents of Ephrata.

A Hermiston, Oregon native, Zach Ruby worked 10 years as a geotec in Portland before finding a way to head back to the east side of the mountains and taking a job with Grant PUD as Dam Safety engineer.

Paula Alley retired from supervising a slate of software engineers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratories in Richland before "unretiring" to take a job here doing similar work in charge of enterprise applications.

Luke Hartung comes to us have a half-dozen years as a design engineer at Genie Industries in Moses lake. Here, he'll be supporting the Power Production team in asset management. He grew up in Yakima but now lives in Ellensburg.

But, enough of these pleasantries and on to what you're yearning to know…

What's the most fun or interesting previous job you've had and why?

Lorie: Homeschooling — always changing and always challenging. Quite an adventure in parenting and educating at the same time, but extremely rewarding.

Zach: Geotechnical engineer. You never know what you're going to dig up.

Paula: My whole career has been in IT. The most fun I have had is when I got to collaborate on a diverse team to complete a software project.

Luke: Design sustaining engineer for Genie Industries in Moses Lake. Was fortunate enough to travel to China for work. Got to see the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, etc.

Dog person? Cat person? Other pet?

Lorie: Dog. Daisy is fun, sweet, active and super cute.

Zach: Dog person. We have a miniature dachshund named Rex. My wife grew up with a dachshund. I grew up with labs.

Paula: Dog person. Kiki — rescued her from a family that could no longer take care of her due to illness.

Luke: Dog person, but also have a cat, Julio.

Name a dream place to have a meal and what you would order.

Lorie: Rome, Italy. Gelato.

Zach: Texas barbecue. Flat iron steak.

Paula: Ma and pop Italian restaurant. Caprese salad, meatballs and lots of bread.

Luke: Italy. All cuisine.

Favorite music album (digital, CD or vinyl) you wore out as a kid.

Lorie: Dave Matthews.

Zach: Led Zeppelin II (vinyl and then CD)

Paula: Journey, "Don't Stop Believing"

Luke: Soundgarden, Foo Fighters.