Introducing myHR


IMAGINE the hours saved if you could get all your pay history, pay statement details, benefits details, and salary history plus have the ability to change your direct deposit settings, input salary increments for your staff, get staff reports, and more—instantly in seconds, with no paperwork—right from any web browser, even mobile. With myHR you can!


- View/print paystubs
- Check witholdings
- Update information (direct deposit, W-4, address, dependents)
- Benefits enrollment, changes, and vendors (medical, dental, vision)
- Check Personal Leave balance
- View/print W-2s
- View company directory with photos
- View holidays and paydays
-View/print HR forms

How do I log in the first time?

 View instructions here:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

We will be updating the FAQs so check back

Who do I call for help?
Contact your local Business Advisor (see the list of BATs below). 

Will I still track time with Maximo?
Yes. If you have been tracking time on Maximo, continue to do so.

Business Advisory Team