Logistics Covid-19 FAQ’S

1. I am just returning to work how do I get Covid related supplies? 

Please contact Jennifer Bell and get a requisition request form that you can fill out and have approved by your supervisor.

2. How often can I order COVID related supplies?

Covid supply orders are placed once a week on Wednesday evening. And filling by Facilities to be dropped off Thursday and Friday.

3. Where can I find my Covid order once it has been dropped off?

Covid orders are dropped off at the sign in desk closet to your work space. Example: (if you work at EHQ your COVID supplies are dropped off at the sign in desk at the South East corner entrance to the building.)

4. Why don't we have disinfectant wipes to use?

Right now, the supply chain does not have any stock of this product and there is no time frame when it will be replenished. The substitute product is the ENVY aerosol spray until a more viable and better in stock product is found.

5. Why don't we have the standard Purell hand sanitizer like before?

This product also has supply chain issues and is an item no one can predict when it is in stock. We are hand filling the hand sanitizer bottles now and we are asking that you RETURN THE EMPTIES BACK TO THE WAREHOUSE so we can refill them again.

6. Why did we change our disinfectant in the vehicles?

The Sanitrol 5.0 was found to have properties that weakened its solution as it got hot and was diluted in the water base. Making it ineffective after a couple of weeks. We have supplied ENVY aerosol in the vehicles with wipe down towels. PLEASE KEEP THE ENVY AERESOL OUT OF THE OCCUPANT COMPARTMENT and store it in the tool box or trunk of the vehicle. We don't want a aerosol can in the main occupant area of the vehicle.

7. I have come to work and find that my workspace is not able to meet the COVID 6 t separation guidelines?

Please work through your supervisor so they can get with Mark Beattie and Leah Mauceri to get your workspace on the recovery planning form so facilities can make your workspace COVID friendly if applicable.

8. What do the cleaning people clean at night?

Del Sol our contract cleaners will provide nightly cleaning again once the buildings reach 50% capacity. They clean the restrooms, they clean touch surfaces (door handles, refrigerator and microwaves handles, printer controls and etc.) They do not clean the desk top surfaces or personal phones. They empty the garbage nightly and vacuum nightly.

9. What happened to my service request I had put in before we started working from home?

Facilities only did critical work to keep facilities viable and working. Your request is still in the system and will be done as facilities can provide service to it. There are some COVID-19 related work facilities is still involved in and that is a first priority right now.