Kevin urges attendance at upcoming training sessions

Editor's note: Tom Stredwick's Working@Grant training program referenced in this column is not related to the Working@Grant newsletter, even though both have identical names.

Good afternoon,

We are about to embark on an initiative that the executive team and I believe will positively impact the health of Grant PUD's culture well into the future. One of our assigned administrative assistants will soon reach out to coordinate and schedule your participation in either the Working@Grant or Leading@Grant training series at the HOB over the next several months.

These sessions provide an opportunity to create a culture we can sustain – with consistent language, practices and principles related to conduct, personal development and leadership here at Grant PUD. It's been a long time since we've had a comprehensive support mechanism such as this for employees across the organization and this has the potential to make a significant impact.

Our Leadership & Organizational Development Team has worked closely with Nash Consulting to identify the critical competencies that we need here at Grant. To that end, we have entered into a multi-year agreement with Nash Consulting, and I can assure you that this will not be a "flavor-of-the-month" program, where a consultant comes in, we learn techniques, the consultant leaves, and we never talk about it again. One of the primary drivers for selecting Nash, was their emphasis on long-term sustainability. To that end, these sessions will serve as an onboarding model for everyone who comes into Grant PUD going forward. With the sustained support from our new leadership and organizational development business unit, we will achieve clarity and alignment regarding how we work toward improved organizational health.

Every employee in the organization needs to set aside time to participate in their respective sessions. All frontline employees will participate in two, half day sessions, every people-manager (which includes shop stewards, foremen, chief operators, supervisors, managers, senior managers, etc.) will participate in the full 5-day series, which is spread out over five weeks. All those people-managers who attended in 2019 will participate in a two-day refresher. For details regarding what will be covered in the series, see the attachment on the "Improving our Organizational Health" email sent Feb. 10.

This work is critical to taking initial steps toward improved organizational health which is one of our 2020 organizational priorities. My expectation is that you will commit your time, energy and focus during these days of training. To be clear, when you are in the training, this is your highest priority and you are expected to complete all aspects of the training. Please do not schedule any other meetings or tasks that would pull you from participation in this class on your assigned days.

Thank you,
Kevin Nordt

 Kevin Nordt, General Manager