Grant PUD holiday video greeting 2019

Let's send ourselves a video Christmas card, containing 20-second video clips from as many groups/departments at Grant PUD who wish to participate. In Public Affairs, we'll stitch all the clips together, maybe add a little music and send everyone a link to the final product. Click on the photo, above, to view the clip from the External Affairs group.

Can you top that? We don't think so!​

Deadline: Dec. 18

Here's what you do:

1. Get your group together and come up with an idea for a 20-second (maximum) holiday-themed video greeting.

2. See if you can top the one the External Affairs Team just shot (Ha! Not a chance!). 

3. Shoot your video with a cell phone (either Android or iPhone works fine). Keep in mind that newer phones tend to have better cameras.

4. IMPORTANT: When shooting, be sure to hold the phone HORIZONTALLY. Not vertically.

5. IMPORTANT: Be sure to leave about five seconds of video before and after your 20-second greeting. This will allow us to stitch the clips together without cutting off any of your message. To be clear -- the total clip length should be about 30 seconds, but the greeting, itself, should be a max of 20 seconds.

6. Upload your finished clip to the folder (S:) >Data>Public>ext.affairs. Be sure your group name is part of the video file name. Use this format:    2019 YourGroupName holiday video.

7. Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know you've added your video to the folder.

We'll do the rest.

DEADLINE to receive clips: Dec. 18