Get paid to live healthy with KrowdFit

Use your Fitbit, smart phone or other device to track your health progress and earn dollars through the new KrowdFit program, offered to Grant PUD employees for free through our Premera medical plan. Grant PUD Business Systems Analyst Shelly Irvine does, and she's already won $125 for tracking her meals and getting active.

"This is, literally, the reason I move. It's an incentive," said Shelly. "It's motivation. The more entries you have the better your chances, but anyone can win."

Grab your Premera insurance card and go to: www.krowdfit.com/mykrew.

After signing up, link you account to your preferred fitness tracker or smart phone app like Apple Health or Google Fit.

Employers fund a cash pool that rewards employees for tracking their healthy habits, like meals, sleep and exercise. Every time you track, you increase your chances of winning rewards that range in size from $125 to $5,000. Since all members' health data is tracked, the program creates a large data base that members can tap to see how their activities compare to others'. For more information, visit www.krowdfit.com.