Employee Association survey

Tell us what inspires you 

The Employee Association will inspire a sense of connection, belonging and purpose in our jobs as well as our community.

We are looking for YOUR input as we build the Grant PUD Employees Association – for you, by you! Our mission:

"With compassion and kindness, we will promote and empower employees to express themselves, explore new experiences and participate in meaningful service."

In this survey, please mark the activities you would like to participate in, and/or lead. It should only take approximately 3 minutes of your time. Please note the small print… these are off-hour opportunities or you will need to take appropriate PL. Also fees may apply and vary based on the activity.

Results of the survey will be presented to you during the May GM Forum!

Association boardmembers are:

  • President – Annette Lovitt
  • Vice-President – Erin Harris
  • Secretary – Jessie Allemand
  • Treasurer – Ginna Fontaine

You don't have to be a board member to collaborate with the Association. Reach out to any of us.

Association President