Employee and Contractor Health Screening Update

Supervisors - Our Incident Management Team has developed a new COVID-19 policy related to employee and contractor health screening. The CDC and local health districts are recommending employers screen individuals entering their facilities for COVID-19 symptoms in an effort to prevent the spread of the virus. The policy is another administrative control we're adding to our COVID-19 toolbox and requires employees and contractors to take their temperature prior to coming to work and to monitor themselves for COVID-19 symptoms while at work. The policy also requires employees to report any primary or secondary COVID-19 exposure they have had to their supervisor.

I will be distributing the policy Districtwide tomorrow but wanted to give you advance notice. Additionally, an LMS-based training covering the policy has been completed and will be loaded and available on Vivid when the policy is distributed. Employees who are working this week must complete the training prior to the policy effective date of Monday, April 27th. Employees who aren't working this week because they're on alternating shifts are required to take the training prior to Wednesday, April 29th. 

Kind regards,

Rich Wallen

Chief Operating Officer