Grant PUD holds contracts for a 12.54 percent share of the power from the Nine Canyon Wind Project owned by Energy Northwest near Kennewick, Wash.

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Fuel Mix

Each year the Washington State Energy Office at the Washington Department of Commerce publishes fuel mix generation categories and percentage calculations based on data from regional power suppliers. The power generation categories for Grant PUD’s 2016 report is listed here in alphabetical order.

Type Percentage
Biomass   0.86%
Coal 19.31%
Cogeneration   0%
Geothermal   0%



Landfill Gasses


Natural Gas 10.91%
Nuclear   1.45%
Other   0.45%
Petroleum   0.29%
Solar   0%
Waste   0%
Wind   0.65%

Carbon Content: The carbon content of the energy we deliver to Grant PUD customers is 0.205 metric tons per megawatt hour, using Grant PUD Commissioner approved methodology and 2016 data.