What We Do

Grant PUD was created by Grant County voters in 1938 to bring electricity to the entire county. In the 1950s Grant PUD began the Priest Rapids Project, which constructed two hydro-electric dams on the Columbia River — Priest Rapids and Wanapum — that now generates electricity for our customers and for wholesale power customers. Today, along with the two Columbia River dams, we operate the Quincy Chute and Potholes East Canal hydroelectric projects. We also hold contracts for a 12.54 percent share of the power from the Nine Canyon Wind Project owned by Energy Northwest.

We maintain and operate one of the most advanced fiber-optic communications systems in the country. High-speed Internet access is available to customers in portions of the county through several Fiber-Optic Service Providers.

We have an ongoing commitment to safely pass migratory fish through the Priest Rapids Project. Our team of fishery biologist and scientists work collaboratively with local fishery agencies and tribes to study the behavior of fish passing through the Project. 

We maintain cultural, recreational and wildlife habitat resources in its project’s lands.

Priest Rapids Project Historical Video