What is a PUD?

Power Transmission Tower in canyon

Public Utility Districts (PUDs) are nonprofit, community-owned and governed utilities that provide electricity, water, wholesale telecommunications and sewer services. At Grant PUD, we offer both electric and wholesale broadband services.

Washington’s first initiative to the legislature, approved by voters in 1930, gave citizens of each county the right to form a PUD. The Washington State Grange sponsored the PUD initiative because private power companies at that time refused to bring electric service to rural farms and small communities.

Every PUD Has:

  • A board of elected commissioners who set policy for their PUD. We have a board of five commissioners.  Commissioners are elected to four or six-year terms by those they serve. Their positions are nonpartisan.
  • A manager and staff who operate the PUD.
  • Open meetings, where members of the public can observe and participate in decisions made by the PUD board of commissioners.
  • A non-for-profit focus. Because PUDs are nonprofit utilities owned by the public, not stockholders, the amount we charge is based on the cost of providing service.