Student Interns

This professional level program for undergraduate and graduate students applies the theory and practice taught in school to actual work experience at Grant PUD. Traditionally, we provide internship programs that match a professional course of study with utility appropriate work. We have employed students with educational backgrounds in engineering, biology, and accounting, as well as other administrative positions.

Student Intern Wages – A copy of a current transcript will be required to establish wage levels (effective 4/1/12).

Level 1 - $15.48 per hour

Student interns who have completed less than 135 quarter or 90 semester hours of credit pursuing a degree will be compensated at Level 1.

Level 2 - $17.25 per hour

Student Interns who have completed 135 quarter or 90 semester hours will be compensated at Level 2. A copy of a current transcript will be required to determine the wage level.


  • Interns must be registered at a college or university, must have completed their sophomore year in their major course of study, be classified as a junior or above and be in good standing at their school.
  • Provide proof of, and be admitted to, an accredited college or university, with intent to continue enrollment as a full-time student in the next quarter or semester (excluding summer).
  • Provide proof of, and maintain, an overall cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher.
  • Provide proof of, and maintain, full-time student status.
  • Possess a current Driver’s License (if necessary for the job).
  • Complete a student letter (to be signed and stamped by the school registrar’s office).

Apply Now

Please be prepared to provide a copy of your current class schedule and transcripts upon request.

Applications for student helpers, interns and engineering interns are accepted for current openings only. Please submit a separate application for each listing of interest. A separate application must be submitted for each new opening. We do not keep applications on file.