Crescent Bar Recreation Plan

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Recreation improvement construction is underway

The long-awaited approval to begin recreation development of the Crescent Bar Recreation Area was issued by FERC on Sept. 21. This approval kicks off several phases of development, which started fall of 2016 with renovation of the off-island marina area, and development of the off-island day-use park and trail by Spokane-based West Co.

In October 2016, the Board of Commissioners approved Hurst Construction’s bid for the second phase of development, which includes development of a 55-site campground, multi-purpose day-use park, and pedestrian trail on Crescent Bar Island. It also includes removal of the existing commercial building and fire station.

Both of the first two phases are scheduled for completion by Memorial Day 2017.

Additional construction phases for the on-island work will begin sometime in 2017 and include the marina area (pending FERC approval), a new commercial building, and renovation of the wastewater and water systems.

Golf Course to remain open

Crescent Bar golf is currently open, but may have temporary obstructions due to our construction project over the next few months.  Parking will be limited so please be careful and look for signs directing you on where to go. 

Campground to be closed

Crescent Bar campground will be closed until further notice.  Please check back March 1, 2017 for on-line campground reservations.

Documents from the recent Crescent Bar Open House are below:

Crescent Bar Recreation Enhancement Rendering
Crescent Bar Island Commercial Building Site Concept
Crescent Bar Building Graphics
Crescent Bar Aerial Progressions
Crescent Bar Then and Now Poster
Crescent Bar Enhancement Stages

Have a question? Check our Crescent Bar Recreation Plan FAQ page.

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