Medically Sensitive Customers

Elder couple with oxygen tank

Reliable energy can be a convenience for some and a matter of life and death for others. If you, a family member or friend depends on life-support equipment, let us know. We can notify you before planned outages and help lessen the impacts of unplanned outages.

Medically Sensitive Notification

Please contact us if anyone in your household is dependent upon electrically-powered life support equipment.

What You Need to Know

In the event of a scheduled outage, we will attempt to contact customers with known life-support equipment ahead of time so they know the date, time and length of the planned outage.

We cannot guarantee constant or continuous electrical service

Customers with medical needs should make preparations in advance for power outages due to storms or other causes.
Participation in the program does not mean that power will not be disconnected for nonpayment or interrupted due to an unplanned outage.