Start/Stop Service

Couple moving

Start Service

Welcome to the neighborhood! To start service at a residence that already has electrical infrastructure installed, simply call us or stop by one of our offices. For new construction, click here.

Fees and deposits:

  • A $10 start up fee will be added to your first bill.
  • A deposit may be required, depending on your credit history.
  • Residential service deposits are typically $150.
  • Your service will be connected within two business days of your request.
  • Need a new service connected after normal business hours? We can do that. A $150 after-hours charge will be added to your account.

Stop Service

Moving? Let us know at least two days before you move. We’ll make arrangements to shut off the power at the proper time and forward a closing bill to your new address. It’s important to let us know what day you are moving so we can make sure you are no longer charged for electric bills after that date. Call us at (800) 422-3199 or stop by one of our offices.