Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Grant PUD is looking to bring Advanced Metering Infrastructure technology to Grant County. This technology, which allows for meters to be read remotely and for remote stops and starts for electrical service, will help to make Grant PUD become more efficient, save costs and provide more responsive service for our ratepayers.

AMI is a proven technology being used throughout the world. There are 50 million AMI meters installed in the United States and that number is growing.

Our plans call for an investment of an estimated $14.9 million over the next three years to phase-in the upgrade of our existing 46,000 meters in Grant County. The project pays for itself within 6 years. Over a 10-year period, the cumulative savings with the upgrade is estimated at $35.6 million. The return on this investment will help us continue to provide low-cost energy to our customers, as well as enhance customer service.

Benefits of AMI meters:

  • Meters can be read and monitored remotelyWe will no longer have to regularly send a meter reader to your property to read the meter. Also, we will be able to provide customers with information regarding their power consumption patterns. This knowledge can help them save energy and money.
  • Prevention of energy theft - With AMI technology, we will be better able to determine if someone has tampered with their meter or is has connected to our system without authorization. This benefits our customers who are paying to cover the costs of our electrical system.
  • More responsive to power outagesWith AMI technology, we will be able respond to outages more rapidly and efficiently.
  • Timely turn ons and offsIf a customer needs power to be turned on or off to their property, we can do that from a remote location with AMI technology.
  • Lower monthly expensesWith AMI technology, we can operate our electrical system more efficiently, which will help keep us continue to provide low-cost energy to our customers
  • Privacy – Our meter readings and meter data will be transmitted over a secure gateway to our Grant PUD office. Grant PUD abides by stringent polices protecting privacy and security of your electronic usage data. Also, since we will not typically have to access our customers' property to read meters, your personal privacy will likely be enhanced with the AMI program.

AMI meters operate by transmitting a radio frequency back to a central location.

When they are transmitting, with a signal that lasts for just a few seconds, AMI meters emit approximately 1,000 times less RF than a wireless telephone. A person is exposed to more RF in a single 30-minute cell phone call then they would receive over 20 years from an AMI meter.

Below is a comparison of everyday items that carry an RF signal compared to a typical AMI meter:

Radio Frequency Exposure Info-graphic.