Energy Saving Experts

Our Energy Services guys are serious about saving energy.

Rich, Energy Services Specialist

Scott, Energy Services Specialist

Rich and Scott are two of our Energy Services Specialists who help customers access our many rebate and incentive programs. These programs include cash incentives for everything from buying a compact fluorescent lightbult to replacing windows. We even have a low-interest loan program to finance the installation of an energy efficient heat pump. Still other programs target commercial and agricultural facilities. You can view a summary of these programs here.

But it is not just about the programs. Energy Services staff are deep wells of knowledge on ways to save energy whether it be through the latest technology or special “handyman” tips and tricks. Check in here every Wednesday for a special energy-saving tip!

And please, give us a call at (509) 766-2512 if you have any questions.

Slow down that meter!

Rich & Scott

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