What is a Gateway?

As we continue to expand our broadband network across Grant county, we will be providing you with periodic updates. These updates will include the number of applications for service processed, existing gateways activated, new gateways installed and any other build-out news that we have.

Remember, customers in the Nelson and Dune Lake areas, can now pre-apply for broadband service even before it is fully available. Doing this helps eliminate installation delays once the service becomes available. If you are interested in pre-applying for broadband Internet, contact us at (509) 766-2505.

During the week of 10/03-10/09 we received 45 new applications for service, activated 18 existing gateways, and installed 13 new gateways. So far in the month of October, we have connected a total of 38 new customers.

What is a Gateway?

Fiber gateways are the connection point between your home and Grant PUD’s fiber optic network. They are usually small gray boxes located near your electricity meter (older fiber gateways may look slightly different).

A Grant PUD employee installs fiber gateway on a home.

When an applications for new service is received, our fiber installers must run cables from our fiber huts to the gateway box. These boxes contain eight different ports that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) utilize to provide various services (Internet, telephone, television).

The inside of a fiber gateway box showing ports

Once the gateway is in place and activated, your ISP then installs cables leading from the gateway to wall jacks inside your home.

During an average workweek, our Fiber team installs 15 new gateway and perform maintenance on the more than 8,000 existing gateways throughout the county.

For more information on Broadband Internet or to see a list of Internet Service a Providers, visit our website at www.grantpud.org.

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