Broadband Update

Right now, our Fiber installers are working hard to provide high-speed Internet to the Nelson and Dune Lake areas in Moses Lake. On Monday we finished installation to two new huts in this area. These areas will receive fiber service in early November.

Broadband Internet hut at Potato Hill Road

This hut is located near Potato Hill Road and Dune Lakes, and will serve 177 homes.

Broadband Internet Hub in Dune Lake, Moses Lake

This hub services areas surrounding Nelson Road and will serve 589 homes.

Each of the fiber huts will house 15 thousand strands of cable. The buildings are made of concrete and weigh 37,500 pounds.

When service is available in these two new areas, subscribers will have access to high-speed Internet, television and telephone service from a selection of retail service providers. A list of those providers can be found on our website at

In the meantime, customers in the Nelson and Dune Lake areas, can pre-apply for broadband service even before it is fully available. Doing this helps eliminate installation delays once the service becomes available. If you are interested in pre-applying for broadband Internet, contact us at (509) 766-2505.

We appreciate your patience as we work to provide high speed Internet to your home. Because we understand that waiting for this service can be difficult, we will be providing you with weekly updates on our broadband build-out. These updates will include the number of applications for service processed, existing gateways activated, new gateways installed and any other build-out news we have.

So far in 2011, we have provisioned 3,579 customer ports and installed 536 new gateway boxes. Additionally, over 90 applications have been processed in September so far and, at the end of August, nearly 20 thousand homes, businesses and farms had access to the fiber network.

Heads up, we’re coming your way!

Broadband Internet Hub near Nelson in Moses Lake

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