03/28/17 Grant PUD commissioners set electric prices for 2017

Typical residential bill to increase $1.41 a month.

EPHRATA, Wash. – Grant PUD Commissioners at their March 28th business meeting, adopted 2017 retail electric price increases across all customer classifications.

The adopted 2017 budget called for price increases designed to add 2 percent in additional revenue from local (retail) customers. The typical residential household is expected to see an increase of approximately $1.41 per month on their electric bill (assuming 1,800 kWh). All increases are effective April 1 and are set to bring in an additional $3 million in revenue this year.

The price changes align with commission policy of small, predictable increases, while at the same time ensuring that the cost of serving each customer group does not stray from adopted long-term targets. Currently, customers such as residential and irrigators pay between 34-45% below the cost to serve, while others such as large industrial customers pay nearly 38% above the cost to serve. The allocated increases in the table below are consistent with the commission’s long-term cost of service targets. This long-term policy also protects core customers including residential, small business and irrigation, from volatile price changes while also allowing the utility to keep up with rising costs and maintaining financial stability.

“Customers rely on us to power their way of life. These smaller, more predictable increases ensure we are there when they need us. While we never enjoy raising electric prices, we need to ensure we are positioned for future changes in our industry and as it relates to customer expectations.” said Commission President Larry Schaapman.

In consideration of Commission policy, the adopted price increases for each customer classification are allocated as follows:

Customer Classification Increases:
Residential (Rate schedule 1)- 1.5%
General Service (Rate Schedule 2)- 2.1%
Irrigation (Rate Schedule 3)- 3.4%
Streetlights (Rate Schedule 6)- 0.5%
Large General (Rate Schedule 7)- 1.0%
Industrial (Rate Schedule 14)- 5.0%
Large Industrial (Rate Schedule 15)- 0.7%
Ag Food Processing (Rate Schedule 16)- 5.0%
Ag Food Processing Boiler (Rate Schedule 85)- 5.0%

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