March 3, 2016 Grant County PUD and Sheriff urge locals to report suspicious activity

Grant County PUD and Sheriff urge locals to report suspicious activity

Grant PUD and the Grant County Sheriff’s Office remind residents to report suspicious activity related to electric system facilities immediately

EPHRATA, Wash. – Grant PUD’s main objective is to keep the lights on. In order to accomplish this goal, we partner with local law enforcement to secure and protect our physical electric system assets like substations, transformers, as well as hydroelectric facilities. Grant PUD maintains over 4,000 miles of distribution and transmission lines, 53 substations and nearly 60,000 transmission and distribution structures. To protect assets like these and ensure the availability of reliable energy, we need our customers and the public to help us by reporting suspicious activity they observe and staying alert to potential threats to our electric system.

“We have an incredible investment in our local electric system in this county and we all benefit by protecting it. Reporting metal theft or potential suspicious activity allows the PUD to protect critical infrastructure,” said Grant County Sheriff Tom Jones.

What to look for: Anyone other than Grant PUD employees who may be recording, monitoring, taking notes, or using cameras or binoculars with long-range lenses near electric system facilities, and/or unmarked vehicles parked near these facilities.

What to report:

  • Brief description of the activity
  • Date, Time and location
  • Physical identifiers you observed
  • Description of vehicles and license plate number
  • Information about direction traveled by individuals engaged in suspicious activity.


To report a non-emergency call MACC Dispatch at: (509) 762-1160. If you are reporting a crime in progress dial 9-1-1.



Grant PUD Public Affairs
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Kyle Foreman
Public Information Officer
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