Grant PUD expands wireless network to Larson area

EPHRATA, Wash.— The Larson wireless hub, which is part of Grant PUD’s High Speed Network, became available to 438 potential subscribers northwest of Moses Lake this week.

The Larson area is the third location to be served by Grant PUD’s wireless network. It joins hubs in Quincy and Ephrata that are now providing continuous 7 megabit network service to subscribers in those locations.

Customers can subscribe to the service by contacting one of nine participating Internet service providers and asking to be connected to Grant PUD’s wireless network. A list of the service providers is found at

Grant PUD is building out wireless service to fulfill the demands of customers in rural locations who have asked for the rapid deployment of a reliable and fast network. By expanding its wireless network, Grant PUD’s goal is to provide network services that will cover 98 percent of the county’s population by 2018. The utility plans to bring wireless hubs online this summer in the Blue Lake area and rural southeast Moses Lake.

For more information on Grant PUD’s wireless network and a list of participating Internet service providers, visit

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