Grant PUD to expand wireless broadband network to rural customers

Program will bring High Speed Network to rural areas of county

Grant PUD crews install a wireless Internet antenna on a PUD radio tower on Beezley Hill on Jan. 12, 2015.

EPHRATA, Wash.— Grant PUD’s High Speed Network is bringing Internet access to rural areas of Grant County this year.

Using proven wireless broadband technology, the utility will now deploy broadband services to meet demand from rural customers in a more rapid and efficient manner. Providing a sustainable county-wide broadband Internet network connection is one of the goals in Grant PUD’s strategic plan.

For the past 18 months, the utility has conducted a wireless broadband pilot project in the Quincy Valley. Using the network installed by Grant PUD, participating independent Internet service providers are bringing consistent broadband services to their customers in the pilot area.

Building on the strength of the pilot program, Grant PUD will now expand the wireless network into other areas of the county. Initial expansion sites for 2015 include more sections of the Quincy Valley, the Larson area near Moses Lake, rural Ephrata, the Blue Lake area, Beverly, Schwana and Priest Rapids Dam. Other locations for expansion will be determined by customer demand.

The wireless broadband network will provide a 7 megabit-per-second service to accommodate streaming video services. Grant PUD will notify customers when the network is available in their area. To connect to the network, customers will need to contact one of the Internet service providers participating in the wireless broadband program.

For a list of wireless broadband Internet service providers and more information on Grant PUD’s High Speed Network, visit

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